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Podcasts about Trauma

Here are a few podcasts that focus on trauma experiences

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Parenting with trauma

Dr Kathy Weston’s podcast ‘Get a grip’ is aimed at parents to help them get to grips with parenting questions.

Episode 44 is on ‘Parenting with Post-traumatic stress disorder’

You can access this episode here.


Childhood trauma

Terrible, Thanks for Asking hosted by Nora McInerny where she urges people to ask “what happened to you” instead of “what’s wrong with you?” Listen to Brit’s 3-part story of building resilience in the face of her childhood trauma.

*Please note these episodes contain mature language and instances of verbal abuse.


Part I Episode 85iTunes | Spotify | Listen online

Part 2 Episode 86iTunes | Spotify | Listen online

Part 3 Episode 87iTunes | Spotify | Listen online


The Glasgow Wellbeing centre have some voice recordings

Listen to a voice recording of Glasgow wellbeing centre’s trauma information sheet here


Urgent Help


If you, or someone you know, is in crisis and in imminent danger of causing harm to themselves or others, call 999 immediately

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