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Activities you can try at home 

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Increasing your activity levels can help improve your mood. Try some of the following activities, and compare how youre feeling before and after them. Chances are, they will help. The important thing is to keep trying.  


Create somethingCan you think of anything you would like to try creating?  

Draw, paint, take photographs, doodle/sketch, make an album of photographs, start a scrapbook, finish a project, do some sewing/knitting.  


MusicAre there any songs you like listening to that make you feel good?  

Listen to music you like, find new music to listen to, turn on the radio, make some music, sing a song, listen to a podcast.  


Self-careWhat could you do that is just for you?  

Do something for yourself, take a bath/shower, wash your hair, moisturise your body. 


Be activeWhat could you do that is physically active?  

Go for a walk, do some exercise at home, dance to your favourite song.  


Connect with peopleWhat could you do that involves connecting with other people?  

Contact a friend by phone call rather than text, join a new group, write a letter to someone, reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with. 


Try something new: Is there anything youve been meaning to try but haven’t had a chance to?  

Try a new recipe, listen to new music, watch a new movie/tv show, read a new book, try origami, try mindful colouring.  


Add other ideas to this list. Can you think of something youd like to tryYou can make your own ‘list of activities’ and go back to it when you need to improve your mood. 

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