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Weight Management Webinars

Video-based education to support a healthy relationship with food

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A series of patient education webinars developed by NHS weight management and community dietetic teams

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust:


NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Psychological Education Talks, includes videos on the following topics:


Additional, non-NHS videos, that might be helpful:

Eat by Choice, Not by Habit: Support the Change You Want to See in the World: (1hr 10 mins, detailed discussion of the role of understanding our needs in managing cravings and emotional eating)

Emotional Eating: What if Weight Loss Isn’t about the Food?: (14 mins – a Tedx Talk reflecting on the experience of emotional eating and what helped – includes information on the role of guilt and people pleasing)


There is additional information in the lifestyle changes resource.

If you feel you need further support with your relationship with food, please go back to the main page and see the “Support” section.



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