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Tools to help build your confidence

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There are lots of things that can help you improve your confidence in social situations. Here are some helpful habits to try: 


  1. Write a list of your positive qualities and things you like about yourself.  
  2. Practise calm breathing and try exercise or Progressive Muscle Relaxation to manage your anxiety. 
  3. Make a plan to stop avoiding things and start with small goals. Try out new things or restart old hobbies.  
  4. Talk back to your inner critic. Challenge the way you speak to yourself by asking “what makes me think my thoughts are correct?”  
  5. Focus on what’s around you, rather than on what’s going on in your body. 
  6. Use your senses to stay in the present moment. 
  7. Get help from others by asking the people you trust to tell you what they like about you and what youre good at. You might be surprised at what they say! 





Mind Shift 





Self-help guides: 

Social Anxiety (PDF)

Download a Social Anxiety SelfHelp Guide (PDF) from NHS inform at the bottom of this page. 


 Social Anxiety Worksheet 12 – Situational Exposure Building Steps

 Social Anxiety Worksheet 13 – Situational Exposure Diary 



Overcoming social anxiety and shyness: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques by Gillian Butler 

We’re all mad here: the no-nonsense guide to living with social anxiety by Claire Eastham  

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