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Problem Solving

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If you have a tendency to over-think problems, have you noticed that this can make you feel even more worried or overwhelmed? It can really help to take a positive step-by-step approach to problem solving in order to reduce your worries and manage those obstacles that crop up every day.

Why do this?

Taking a systematic approach to problem solving will help you deal with your problems rather than just worry about them. That’s helpful because worry sometimes can lead you to avoid the problem altogether, or to start over-thinking it.

Worrying can also keep you ‘in your head’ rather than being ‘in the here and now’. Worry can stop you approaching the problem rationally too and because your brain tries to sort out your worries at night, your sleep can be affected too.

Try it yourself…


Is there something in your life you’ve been worrying about or have been over-thinking?

Ask yourself if you’ve actually tried to solve the problem, or have you just been thinking about it, making it feel even bigger?

Of course, some problems are simply out of your control, but for many personal issues it’s worth trying a different, step-by-step approach.


Here’s a resource that can guide you through a problem in 8 steps

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