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Increase your positive activities  

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There are certain activities that just make you feel good, both emotionally and physically. These might be things you’ve done well, things that serve a purpose or things that just give you pleasure. When you’re caught up in the hectic pace of everyday life though, it’s difficult to make time for them. The exercise below is about helping you find a balance in life and actively putting those positive activities back into your life.

Why do this?

Having even one positive activity each day has been shown to have an impact on our mood. Anything that gives a feeling of achievement or pleasure, even small things, can help. Trying positive activities, rather than negative or unhelpful ones, is also more likely to produce positive thoughts. Positive thoughts then increase your positive emotions, which in turn fuel a more positive cycle of thoughts and emotions.

Try it yourself…

Take a pause for a minute and try to identify the activities that make you happy. Make a list of what these are.

Have you stopped doing these activities recently? If so, ask yourself ‘why’?

Plan positive activities into your diary. Identify ones you could easily do every day, such as listening to music or going for a short walk. Then think about the ones you might do weekly or monthly. The kind of activities that take more organising, time or cost something, such as going for a coffee with a friend.

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