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Helping Health Anxiety

Self-help course

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The following documents make up a nine-part self-help course for people affected by health anxiety. This course is based on strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy which are known to be helpful for people struggling with health anxiety. You can find information about how to shift your focus of attention from your physical sensations, how to re-evaluate your thoughts regarding health, and how to manage checking and reassurance-seeking behaviours.


1. Understanding Health Anxiety (332kb PDF)

2. How Health Anxiety Develops  (358kb PDF)

3. What Keeps Health Anxiety Going (375kb PDF)

4. Reducing Your Focus on Health Symptoms and Worries (328kb PDF)

5. Re-Evaluating Unhelpful Health-Related Thinking (323kb PDF)

6. Reducing Checking and Reassurance-Seeking (379kb PDF)

7. Challenging Avoidance and Safety Behaviours (336kb PDF)

8. Adjusting Health Rules and Assumptions (246kb PDF)

9. Adjusting Health Rules and Assumptions (246kb PDF)

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