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When you relax, you allow mental and/or physical tension to be released. It’s natural for your body to tense up in response to threat, as this is part of your body’s survival mechanism and it helps you react quickly in a dangerous situation.

But most of the time you’re not in a dangerous situation. So, if you feel tense a lot of the time, try learning some relaxation skills, as these should be helpful.

It’s best to try out different relaxation techniques, as not everything works for everyone. When you’ve found a relaxation technique you like, practice it regularly so you can be more prepared to use it in stressful times. It’s best to start practicing at times of the day when you feel at your calmest. This will help you learn in the best possible way.

The Wellbeing-Glasgow website has helpful relaxation resources, including mindfulness, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery meditation. To access their website, click here.

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